What Is It Like to Study in a Virtual Classroom?

Maryville University offers an online Nurse Practitioner program where you go through each course without going to a physical classroom. Students who enroll for an online degree will have access to Canvas. This platform provides students with learning materials and tools to collaborate with other students. Students can also reach out to their instructors through the portal and gain access to the academic and coursework calendar to help them plan their schedule effectively.

Canvas is an online learning management system used by more than 3,000 educational institutions. This platform has grown steadily since it was launched in 2012.

Navigating Through Canvas

Tabs make it easier to navigate through Canvas. Upon logging in, users will see the Home Page and Dashboard. From there, they can see various tabs on the left-hand side.

Tabs in the platform are as follows: Account, Dashboard, Courses, Groups, Calendar, Inbox, and Resources.

The appearance of the dashboard is often similar irrespective of the course you are taking. You can choose a course from the Dashboard to see the syllabus, assignments, discussions, and your grades. You can also chat and collaborate with other people who are also taking the course.

For each course, there is a Modules tab where you can see the overview for each course, the course content, the assignments, the discussion board, and other course requirements for a particular week. In most courses, you can see the schedule for the entire semester. This makes it easier to plan your study time.

To help you keep track of deadlines and due dates for all your coursework, you can check the Calendar tab. The Resources tab serves as the online campus library where you can access various resources.

Online Interaction

If your course involves a group task, you don’t have to use a third-party tool to collaborate. The Group tab provides your group with a space to chat, discuss, and share information to complete a project.

Since Maryville University offers the program in a virtual environment, the platform has a venue where students and instructors can interact. There are also weekly live discussions and discussion boards.

Live discussions are recorded so students can replay the video or watch it later. Meanwhile, weekly coursework often includes discussion forums where instructors post questions and students have to answer based on the guidelines. Students should participate and respond to their classmates as part of the weekly course requirements.

Then there’s the narrated presentation called Voice Thread. The course syllabus contains further information on using the tool for learning.

Course Delivery

The mode of delivery for each lesson is a combination video instruction, recorded slide show presentations, and other interactive media. All videos have downloadable transcripts, and students can replay presentations as many times as they want.

To enhance the learning process, the course offers an interactive case study learning tool where students can diagnose a patient. After a student completes one step, a professor provides feedback for the task. These interactive tools are essential for course mastery.

Students in Maryville online will have access to various tools in Canvas, and they will have various chances to interact with other students and their instructors while completing their course.