Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Being physically active improves your health in a number of ways. It prevents your body from various daunting health problems keeping it energized. You don’t have to opt for hard-core exercises as sports like golf can help keep you in shape as well. Golfing helps stimulate your brain and strengthens you physically – building your stamina and enhancing your cognitive function. Although playing golf doesn’t include intense physical movements, it has the potential to move keep your muscles moving, stimulating your brain activity. Playing golf will require you to walk at the pace of 6-7 km for a couple of hours.

Performing a physical activity helps maintain your cardiovascular health as it increases your heart rate and improves blood flow. With your body constantly moving, you will steer clear of the risk of developing symptoms associated with high blood pressure, which can in turn lead to stroke.

Moreover, when playing golf, at an average, your heart beats 100 times per minute, which is extremely healthy for your heart.  Moreover, your brain needs a proper flow of blood to function properly and to prevent you from psychological disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. Playing golf on daily basis can help you lose a lot of weight as well. This is indeed a surprised heath benefit due to the fact that you aren’t strenuously moving your body or exerting any sort of stress or pressure on it. But many studies have proved that during an 18-hole round, male golf players can burn around 2,500 calories and female players can burn up to 1,500 Calories.

Your lifestyle plays an important role when it comes to maintaining a stress-free life. Your busy routine, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet contribute to various health ailments. In case of stress, it always recommends spending more time in the fresh air as it works as a relaxant. Playing golf releases endorphins – that are chemicals your brain needs. They don’t only improve your mood naturally but keep happy and relax throughout the day. Moreover, a stress-free mind also contributes to peaceful hours of sleep which is necessary for your overall wellbeing. You can learn more about health benefits of playing golf and other fun activites on